Monday, December 27, 2010

The FIRST blog post...

So I've always wanted a blog, just never felt like I had the time to keep up. I have finally made one after reading others ALL the time( for ideas,crafts,etc), and I'm going to try my hardest to keep this thing updated.

So since I'm new I will go ahead and let ya in on some info. about me and my interesting family:)
I'm a full time mother and part time bartender. I LOVE anything crafty, and HAVE to stay busy. No matter how stressed things may get, if I'm not trying to plan something, then my world feels upside down. I'm in the process of becoming a great cook for the fam. (without burning the food, or the house down) My Kids and husband are EVERYTHING to me. Completely PERFECT and couldn't imagine a single day without them.
My kids are 8,6,and 2. It gets pretty crazy around these parts..and while sometimes I wanna shoot them to the moon.. I literally don't think I can breath without them. The smallest things they do or say, can put the biggest smile on my face.They completely keep my schedule FULL and I LOVE IT. 

My husband is simply amazing. He's my soul mate,my true BEST friend, my rock, my EVERYTHING. With him my life is truly COMPLETE.

So in a nut shell there's some quick info...be checking back as the new year rolls in and I have birthday parties to plan, school functions, cooking experiences, plus lots of craziness, this should be FUN!!!