Wednesday, May 18, 2011

because i'm forgetful....

and will just keep buying and buying stuff because I forget what I already have...
I'm making note of things for these parties to make me feel like I have some sanity:)

Valeries High School Musical LUAU is in 2 WEEKS!

Food will be :
Burgers, Chips, Homemade dip
Cute little tropical fruit display (strawberries, pineapple, kiwi)
Plain cupcakes with little toothpick umbrellas as cupcake toppers

Decor Ideas:
lots of leis, chips will be in large plastic sand buckets, tiki torches, HSM balloons, etc.

(I have 8 small plates, and napkins, need forks, large plates)

blow up water slide, water balloons (maybe), Limbo(maybe), Hawaiian and HSM music mix.

Emerie's Mystic Mermaid Party is in ONE MONTH!!

Snack Buffet: tootsie rolls in pink and blue wrapping, pink marshmallows, animal crackers, PB&J starfish sandwiches and turkey sandwiches, pasta shell salad, pearl cake pops, pink and blue M&Ms or six lets.

FUN: water slide, dress up like a mermaid (pearl necklace,rings,face paint), sand art

This banner will say Happy Birthday Emerie when its done

The mirror is a clam shell... found in the dollar spot at target!

DECOR: seashells, birthday banner(made by ME),round paper lanterns, bubble machine

I'm sure I will be editing this as the days get closer, to keep me somewhat organized!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feeling a little like oscar the grouch...

sooooo I am on day 10 of the  ADVOCARE 24 Day Challenge... man a challenge it has been!!
I have been eating tons of fruit,  green veggies, egg whites, tilapia, chicken, and tuna! and all these vitamins. oh yea and NOTHING to drink but water, water, water
NO red meat (steak, ground beef, pork, etc)
NO DAIRY (cheese, milk, yogurt, etc.)
NO SUGAR...at all..none
NO bread..not even whole weat.
I am OVER IT! I also cant have anything with certain oils in it. so my marinades are VERY minimal. The only salad dressing i can have is vinegarette. which I like.. but can get burnt out on it VERY easily.
ANNNNDDD I havent lost anything! WHATTTT?!?! I know so so sooo many people doing this thing and no one has had bad results..no one. they lose at least 5 pounds the first 8-10 days...me i have lost ziiiiiiipp. zero. ZILCH.
Im frustrated to TEARS...
I have 14 days left on this challenge and something has got to give. I'm ready to eat 5 cheeseburgers and 10 milkshakes. If I was actually seeing results I would be completely motivated to stay strong and keep on with this challenge but I'm getting very discouraged and ready to give up:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

oh yea annnndd Middle Tennessee is in the middle of an INVASION of millions of these 13 year cicada bugs that are ginormus, loud, and annoying. EW. Ew. EWWWW
Learn more about these ugly things HERE

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just-a browsing around

at lots of amazing blogs when I should be:
Cleaning the kitchen
Putting away laundry
Giving Emerie a bath, then  put her down for a nap
Make a couple bow orders to ship out
Getting a shower and  then ready for work... but I'm finding lots of cool fun things instead...

Cant wait to try and make them!!

Hippity Hoppity EASTER's on it's way!.. check out how to make these!

The husband says ours kitchen counters are too BARE..but I hate clutter.. I came across this cute little chalk board though which would be adorable..( I will be making my own)

 and I'm totally off season with these little turkeys but such a cute idea..
Plus in about 5 minutes I will have forgotten...so lets just save it now..
okay gotsta GOO!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1st anniversary..you only get one!

It was perfect! more expensive than we had planned, but amazing!
Woke up Saturday morning, got the kids things together so they could spend the weekend at the grandparents house..and then headed to my MASSAGE from my hubby<3

So relaxing considering the flu kicked my booty all week..

I then met back up with the HUSBAND and headed to OPRYLAND HOTEL!

This is the view from our room, in the 'Cascades'
In this picture:
Our LAST bottle of Champagne from the wedding, the in-laws saved for us
Our cake of course:)
also napkins left over from our wedding<3

We hung out a little bit in the room, then got ready to go EAT!

Old Hickory Steak House: very romantic at night time<3

Where we also had our one and only $300 meal!!
2 bowls of AMAZING Lobster Bisque= $24
2- 10 oz. filet mino with crab oscar topping for each =$120 for both!
Our bottle of Jeremy's favorite wine= $55
Side of sauteed mushrooms, and asparagus= $18
plus tip!! almost $300..YIKES..I am SOOO not a fancy, pertentious gal..but we NEVER splurge like that..and it was the BEST meal I have EVER had!!! ( it better be RIGHT?)

our server was super sweet and we got this yummy goodness!

The next morning we drank mimosas, ate yummy breakfast..

 We walked around and did some shopping, then left for lunch at PF changs before getting the kiddos!
It was amazing, my husband is perfect....
Although we are only 20 minutes from this place, and can visit any time, I was sad to go:(

Back to the REAL WORLD<3<3<3<3

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Small updates

Sickness.... I loathe you.
Me, Riley, and Emerie are sick and its NO FUN in this household:(... we think its the flu but I took Em to the doc. Monday and they told us ALLERGIES...I wanted to throw something at her..ya know since allergies are contagious and all, that's what it HAS to be right??psssshhhhh

But aside from that - LOVE day- in our home was sweet! We didn't really go 'all out' but still enjoyed each other.(small gifts, sushi, and sappy love movies)

My new LOVELY Pandora charm!
 I've never been a fan of Valentines day. I get cards, love notes, surprise wine, etc. all the time from my hubby because he's amazing...so just because people put up red balloons and stuffed animals (which i hate, they just take up space) doesn't really mean we have to go blow $ on a holiday to show that you love each other...not to mention, our ANNIVERSARY is a week later...we go all out for that!
We will be celebrating and the Gaylord Opryland Hotel....yesssss! I need this cold to quickly go away so that I can fully enjoy my time away with my sweet husband.

k now on to the next thing...

I'm LOVING this pretend spring weather! It's beautiful outside, supposed to be 70 today..woop woooopp!
I say pretend because I just know the cold weather isn't over but for now I'm loving it..after the winter we had, then walking outside to nice temperatures, slight breeze, and sunshine..it just feels amazingly peaceful..
plus the winter time makes miss Emeries face SOOOO CHAPPED..its HORRIBLE, I cant go anywhere without people asking whats on her face and we've tried EVERYTHING to make it disappear, but the only solution is the warm weather again!

Birthday party planning is coming along GREAT!! I have soo many cute ideas, i can not wait:):):):):)
Riley= Sonic party(March)
Valerie= karaoke Luau (May)
Emerie= Mystic Mermaid (June)...

  love love love planning things!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Miss Lacey..We will miss you!

So today was one of Emerie's therapists last day with her. She recently had a baby and needs a different schedule, so she will be working in schools, instead of coming to homes for therapy.
It was very bitter-sweet. I'm so happy for her, but Emerie loves her so much and thrives the BEST with her than any other therapist.We both had to fight back tears throughout todays session. We've became pretty close, considering she's been coming to our house every week since Emerie was 10months old. I wish her the best and hopefully we will be getting a new one soon that Emerie enjoys just as much!