Thursday, February 17, 2011

Small updates

Sickness.... I loathe you.
Me, Riley, and Emerie are sick and its NO FUN in this household:(... we think its the flu but I took Em to the doc. Monday and they told us ALLERGIES...I wanted to throw something at her..ya know since allergies are contagious and all, that's what it HAS to be right??psssshhhhh

But aside from that - LOVE day- in our home was sweet! We didn't really go 'all out' but still enjoyed each other.(small gifts, sushi, and sappy love movies)

My new LOVELY Pandora charm!
 I've never been a fan of Valentines day. I get cards, love notes, surprise wine, etc. all the time from my hubby because he's amazing...so just because people put up red balloons and stuffed animals (which i hate, they just take up space) doesn't really mean we have to go blow $ on a holiday to show that you love each other...not to mention, our ANNIVERSARY is a week later...we go all out for that!
We will be celebrating and the Gaylord Opryland Hotel....yesssss! I need this cold to quickly go away so that I can fully enjoy my time away with my sweet husband.

k now on to the next thing...

I'm LOVING this pretend spring weather! It's beautiful outside, supposed to be 70 today..woop woooopp!
I say pretend because I just know the cold weather isn't over but for now I'm loving it..after the winter we had, then walking outside to nice temperatures, slight breeze, and sunshine..it just feels amazingly peaceful..
plus the winter time makes miss Emeries face SOOOO CHAPPED..its HORRIBLE, I cant go anywhere without people asking whats on her face and we've tried EVERYTHING to make it disappear, but the only solution is the warm weather again!

Birthday party planning is coming along GREAT!! I have soo many cute ideas, i can not wait:):):):):)
Riley= Sonic party(March)
Valerie= karaoke Luau (May)
Emerie= Mystic Mermaid (June)...

  love love love planning things!!!!

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