Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1st anniversary..you only get one!

It was perfect! more expensive than we had planned, but amazing!
Woke up Saturday morning, got the kids things together so they could spend the weekend at the grandparents house..and then headed to my MASSAGE from my hubby<3

So relaxing considering the flu kicked my booty all week..

I then met back up with the HUSBAND and headed to OPRYLAND HOTEL!

This is the view from our room, in the 'Cascades'
In this picture:
Our LAST bottle of Champagne from the wedding, the in-laws saved for us
Our cake of course:)
also napkins left over from our wedding<3

We hung out a little bit in the room, then got ready to go EAT!

Old Hickory Steak House: very romantic at night time<3

Where we also had our one and only $300 meal!!
2 bowls of AMAZING Lobster Bisque= $24
2- 10 oz. filet mino with crab oscar topping for each =$120 for both!
Our bottle of Jeremy's favorite wine= $55
Side of sauteed mushrooms, and asparagus= $18
plus tip!! almost $300..YIKES..I am SOOO not a fancy, pertentious gal..but we NEVER splurge like that..and it was the BEST meal I have EVER had!!! ( it better be RIGHT?)

our server was super sweet and we got this yummy goodness!

The next morning we drank mimosas, ate yummy breakfast..

 We walked around and did some shopping, then left for lunch at PF changs before getting the kiddos!
It was amazing, my husband is perfect....
Although we are only 20 minutes from this place, and can visit any time, I was sad to go:(

Back to the REAL WORLD<3<3<3<3

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