Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just-a browsing around

at lots of amazing blogs when I should be:
Cleaning the kitchen
Putting away laundry
Giving Emerie a bath, then  put her down for a nap
Make a couple bow orders to ship out
Getting a shower and  then ready for work... but I'm finding lots of cool fun things instead...

Cant wait to try and make them!!

Hippity Hoppity EASTER's on it's way!.. check out how to make these!

The husband says ours kitchen counters are too BARE..but I hate clutter.. I came across this cute little chalk board though which would be adorable..( I will be making my own)

 and I'm totally off season with these little turkeys but such a cute idea..
Plus in about 5 minutes I will have forgotten...so lets just save it now..
okay gotsta GOO!

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